What I Do

Elevate Your Game.

Welcome to Elephant in the Room Consulting. I transform highly ambitious college students into top-performing talent. I work with motivated and engaged students and their parents who understand that the college experience is a significant investment. I teach my students the mindset necessary for success, a proven and systematic process for informed and purposeful decision making and strategies and tactics that position our students light years ahead of their peers. I groom top performers and unleash them on the work world with a clear career trajectory. My service is not for everyone, I work with families and their students who understand the investment and commitment that it takes to become a top performing working professional.

What is Elephant in the Room Consulting?

I founded Elephant in the Room Consulting on the belief that some of the most difficult challenges are not those that are unforeseen but those we choose to ignore because we don’t have the tools to address them. I founded ERC to help clients identify their “elephants” or challenges, and to help them develop strategies to face them head on and ultimately solve them through informed decision-making, planning and accountability coaching. NOTE: Due to my current role at American University, I am unable to work with clients who are currently students at American University.

Proof Positive.

My students have the preparation, confidence and skills sets to walk into an interview as a sophomore and outperform graduate students or to pursue, persevere and land their dream jobs. ERC exists to see its students realize their potential and to pursue their dreams. Here’s more proof that we successfully launch our students.