Testimonials and Success Stories

“I likely would not have had a job right out of college if I had not worked with Wim”

“At the time, I felt there were two post-SIS paths; either Peace Corps or a lowly research assistant position at ThinkTank X (doing more of what I had already been doing at unpaid internships), neither of which appealed to me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, just that I loved what I studied and I wanted to do things related to international relations that didn’t require getting a PhD or coffee. With his background in business, Wim suggested I explore other options, to which I raised a suspicious eyebrow. He said, ‘Go with me on this, do a little research and come back to me and we’ll talk.’ I remained suspicious, and like most people, didn’t fully appreciate the pressure to think about the whole field – but I’m glad he kept pushing.”

“Three years later, I’m with Deloitte LLP in their U.S. Global Office, which coordinates, manages and monitors the US member firm’s relationships and investments with DTTL and other member firms. This is after spending two years with Deloitte Consulting in their Strategy and Operations practice. I’m planning to apply to business school next year and focusing on global strategy. I honestly never considered business school, it was always an MPA, MPP, or at a stretch law school. I likely wouldn’t have had a job right out of college had I not worked with Wim, and I certainly wouldn’t have gone down this path and have the direction I have now.”

Lynn N., Senior Analyst, US Global Office, Deloitte LLP

“I could not imagine working where I am today, at my dream company, without Wim’s determination, guidance, and support”

“Looking back on my junior and senior year in college, I can say that my job prospects would have been extremely different had I not met Wim. Without a doubt, Wim Taylor helped prepare me for success. With his precise focus on detail and goal setting, I was driven to meet and surpass the goals that we set. Wim went out of his way to provide suggestions and support for my career objectives, understanding that as my interests shifted from consulting to IT to startups to tech, he would always expect accountability and drive. Wim has a unique set of networking skills: he is memorable, smart and considerate. He will always follow up with someone he meets, regardless of any perceived “return on investment”. His skill in networking is one of the first things that I learned from him. Wim’s understanding of networking transcends the norm, as networking is not something you do at an organized happy hour, but something that is a part of building meaningful relationships. I could not imagine working where I am today, at my dream company, without Wim’s determination, guidance and support. He truly cares to see students succeed and will always go out of his way to ensure that this is the case.”
Graduated Senior

“I consider working with him a worthwhile investment in my son’s future”

“Wim Taylor did a fantastic job teaching my son the knowledge and skills necessary to reach his post-graduate career goals. As a veteran higher education administrator, I wanted Wim to help my son develop his academic plan of study and take full advantage of institutional resources to help him achieve his career goals. Decisions about study abroad, curriculum planning and independent research were made to maximize the skills and knowledge needed for career opportunities in finance. Wim showed Alex how relationships with practitioners, faculty, alumni and fellow students could help him access and navigate the workforce. Wim’s approach while engaging and fun emphasizes student accountability, and his program is incisive and accessible. His work with Wim helped prepare my son not only to be successful in his first job out of college, but has prepared him to become an effective professional throughout his career. There aren’t many people who are able to connect and communicate with college students quite like Wim. He’s a gem and I consider working with him a worthwhile investment in my son’s future – one that I continue to recommend to my colleagues and friends.”

Leeanne Dunsmore, Parent

“The single most important career advice Wim taught me is to foster authentic relationships with people you hope to work with”

“The single most important career advice Wim taught me is to foster authentic relationships with the people you hope to work with. Mr. Taylor showed me that “networking” in the form of shoving business cards into potential employers hands and striking up conversation meant to showcase just how amazing you are really isn’t the thing to do. Wim helped me realize that treating potential employers with genuine respect and reaching out to receive advice or help them in any way possible is the way to stand out. It may seem simple, but developing authentic relationships and treating people with respect really is the way to stick out from the rest of the job-hungry flock.”

Junior student

“Wim helped me devise a very tactical approach for maximizing a summer internship”

“Wim helped me devise a very tactical approach for maximizing a summer internship. Most students go into summer internships knowing that the most important thing they can do during their time with the company is network. Under Wim’s counsel, I completed my internship confident that I had capitalized on the opportunity to meet with company leadership, my team and peers. Wim helped me establish a plan for networking prior to starting at my internship and followed-up with me, holding me accountable to our determined strategy, throughout the summer. I learned the importance of thank you notes, checking-in and other tips for building long term relationships. Wim also provided advice to help me maintain the network I built over the summer. I have utilized this framework again and again since graduating from college and firmly believe that I have had doors open for me as a result.”

Graduated student

“My drive combined with Wim’s advice, energy, and enthusiasm has propelled me to this unimaginable success!”

“Wim has taught me so much over the course of the past year including being purposeful and strategic regarding my time as an undergraduate and the importance of making informed decisions to achieve success. In February, Mr. Taylor and I had a conversation in which I expressed my concerns about finding a summer internship. He taught me to never apply “blindly” and just submit resumes online, but how to foster meaningful, genuine relationships within my companies of interest. He reassured me that if I kept doing that, that it would get results. Well, he was correct. I used these techniques and earned a summer internship with a company whose workforce is composed 90% of masters or terminal degrees into a summer internship for myself as an undergraduate. My summer internship peers all had masters degrees in various fields and I…am a rising junior! I have taken Wim’s advice and implemented his strategies and all of this has been made possible. The combination of my drive combined with Wim Taylor’s advice, energy, and enthusiasm have propelled me to this unimaginable success!”

Rising Junior

“I believe the three words best describe Wim’s personality and professional character: Above and Beyond”

“Working with Wim has truly been an experience like few others. Without Wim’s expertise and guidance, my path to a rewarding career would not be where it is today or where it will be tomorrow. His philosophical approach to developing character, a can-do mindset, and pay-it-forward mentality were instrumental in helping me build meaningful relationships with professional and even personal contacts.”

“His drive is both contagious and invigorating. Wim came prepared to meetings as if he were writing a book on his client – consummate and investigative. His penchant for developing strategic solutions to individualized career enhancement is unparalleled.”

“He is extremely responsive and accessible which is harder and harder to find in today’s busy and fast-paced environment. As icing on the cake, Wim is just an overall pleasant person to be around – with a great sense of humor and a very personable demeanor.”

“In brief, I believe 3 words best describe Wim’s personality and professional character: above and beyond. I would highly recommend Wim to anyone seeking to dig deep into finding a rewarding career that they are passionate about.

Graduated Student