Are You Ready to Get Results?
Let me start by saying that my services are not for everyone. I know that sounds counter-intuitive as this is a website which is obviously a marketing vehicle but hear me out. I have spent more than 7 years working with college students and I have high standards for each and every one of the students that I work with. I ask for a deep commitment and philosophical changes from my students because more often th an not I am asking them to commit to something that seems counter to what their peers are doing. This can be off putting at times but it gets results. Take a look at some of the comments my students have shared with me…

“I truly 100% believe that the entire trajectory of my career and academic life has changed as a result of meeting you and working with you…” – Sophomore student

“I learned more from you in our 30 minute mock interview then I did in my first 3 years of college career center visits…You challenged me and clearly communicated that you had my best interests in mind every step of the way.” – Senior student

“I feel pushed to succeed without feeling overwhelmed (once I realize that everything you are telling me is actually possible.)” – Senior student

“You have opened my eyes to what it takes to pursue a job that I am really interested in, given me the tools and pushed me to get it done. You have pushed me and it has been for the best.” – Senior student

“Simply put, I want every decision that I make to have a purpose.” – Sophomore student

“I likely wouldn’t have had a job right out of college had I not worked with Wim, and I certainly wouldn’t have gone down this path and have the direction I have now.” – Graduated student



It’s Time to Get “Unstuck”
The most ambitious and highly motivated college students understand that fully maximizing their collegiate experience is akin to masterfully playing a game of chess. It requires a purposeful approach, forethought and an overarching strategy. Unfortunately, the vast majority of undergraduate students approach college with little in the way of a comprehensive strategy. The most successful are playing chess while the typical undergraduate student is playing checkers.

I am here to tell you that the difference in terms of career opportunities and truly making the most of your undergraduate experience is a significant one.

Which would you rather be playing?

If you have any questions or concerns speak with your parents about our services, and please contact us at info@elephantintheroomconsulting.comto schedule a free 30 minute consultation.